Why User Manuals Are Important

If you want to get the most out of any product or device that you own, then it is important that you keep hold of a copy of the user manual or make sure that you know how to access other user manual copies. These […]

Computer Joys and Woes

I love my laptop. It is so convenient, easy to navigate, and a delight to use. I haul it here and there and everywhere, and with daily writing it has become an essential part of my life. I need it! I want it! I gotta […]

Why Does A Computer Become Slow Running Over Time?

Computers are very powerful machines, but just like other devices, they have broken down at some point. Amongst the things that many people experience with their computers, including Macs is slow running. It can be frustrating when your computer is running slow because it takes […]

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Computer

As you might imagine, there is no one answer to the question of which factor you should consider when buying a new PC. To come up with the best answer, though, you need to answer some other questions for yourself before you begin the buying […]

Store, Communicate, Collaborate with Gmail

The communication between members of a business family or the vendors or purchasers, a business could also be headed to close doom. Systems should be established so passing of data and information becomes an easy method and it’s going to be done on priority while […]

HP Power Cord: Why You Should Buy The Appropriate Product

When it comes to your Compaq Presario or HP Pavilion Laptop PC, you may not appreciate the true price of an authentic HP power cord, but the guaranties on these products depend on the use of authorized parts and accessories. It is obvious that you […]

How to print holiday cards this year and make them extra special

There are many variations on creating your own Christmas card and adding that personal touch can make all the difference. You can opt for the modern Christmas card just printed 2 sides same as a postcard or go for the more traditional folded card. You […]

Providing quality service to the entire Valley since 2009!

Computer & Printer Service of AZ (CPS-AZ LLC) was founded in January 2009 to provide quality service to all of our local businesses and residents alike. Our specialties include laptop repairs and the repair of printers. We can be reached at 480-390-4275 to schedule an appointment. […]